Objection Prevention and Sales Closing Skills

My favourite topics are Objection Prevention and Closing Skills!

A couple of facts I learnt many years ago are…

  • People buy from people they like
  • Most salespeople lack the courage to close the sale…they work on the hope plan…they hope the prospect will buy their product or service
  • Most Salespeople spend little time “learning their lines”!

As a result of learning and rehearsing my lines my sales increased month after month and so did my results!

It is my pleasure to give you some time tested, 100% successful and easily learnt skills to make your own.

Sales Closing Mega-Manual

  • How to Close Sales
  • Traits of a Champion Salesperson
  • The Common Denominator for all Sales Champions
  • 25 Closing Techniques with Scripts
  • The Power of Silence

Sales Objections … from Obstacles to Opportunities

  • 8 Sales Myths to Destroy
  • What is a Sales Objection?
  • Why do we get Sales Objections?
  • Our Success Formula to Handle Sales Objections Confidently
  • Objection Prevention … For Killer Techniques
  • Million Dollar Word Tracks to Learn Internalise

The Ultimate Sales Objections Script Book

  • Over 250 Successful Comebacks with Words to Say
  • Over 20 Common Objections Covered in this Deep Dive
  • The Many Benefits of Using Scripts
  • Reasons Why Objections are Good
  • Over 50 Pages  of Income Producing Text to Boost Your Sales Results